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No Place Like Home

Melissa Boyer Interiors takes great pride in creating timeless spaces that are carefully tailored to fit our clients' lives.


Everything matters when Melissa designs. From how you unwind, to how you host guests, to how you hurry everyone out the door in the morning - it's all taken into account. She considers the big picture and the minute details, and incorporates your hopes, personal style, and constraints into each phase of design.

Furniture & Decor Selection

Furnishing a home can be a big task full of numerous decisions. Fortunately, Melissa can help. 


Whether you're decorating one room or starting from square one, Melissa's expertise and experience will make everything easier.


She can create floor plans, manage purchasing and ordering, and help you find a comfy, stylish sofa that is perfect for catnaps and movie nights.


No detail is too small. Artwork, accents, and accessories are all carefully considered and every selection is brought together to create a space that is warm, welcoming, and full of personality.

Paint, Fixture, & Material Selection

Great design is in the details - and that's where Melissa shines.


Using her eye for color and contrast, Melissa can help you select paints, cabinets, floorings, and finishes that live in perfect harmony. 


Whether you lean towards soft earth tones or bold patterns, Melissa can create a design that perfectly suits your style, and develop a plan that sees your vision take shape.


Accessorizing & Styling

Even after homeowners have all the major furnishings and design elements, sometimes they still feel like they're missing that special something that ties everything together.


Melissa's accessorizing and styling services can help you figure out what your space needs. Her trained eye will provide you with fresh perspective, and she can help you complete your space with lively accents, interesting accessories, and the perfect piece of art.

Designer for a Day

If you're a DIY-er but need some professional advice & a push in the right direction, consider bringing Melissa in to be your Designer for a Day.


With this unique, one-time consultation Melissa will come to your home for a two hour session and assist you with whatever design quandary you might be having.


She can lend her eye to furniture arrangements, help you style a mantel, or even help you create a new room color scheme.



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