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Five Changes We Made to Lighten & Brighten A Kitchen

We all drool over kitchens that have oodles of natural light filtering in - it's the dream, right? Raise your hand if I am describing your kitchen? If that doesn't sound like your kitchen, don't fret! You're not the only one in that boat. Luckily, there are some changes that can be made to lighten and brighten a kitchen even if you don't get a lot of natural light.

Take for example my client's kitchen - this room gets very little natural light. This is what their kitchen used to look like before the remodel.

And here is what their kitchen looks like now:

Quite a transformation, right? Here's a quick rundown of the changes we made to lighten and brighten the space.

1) Cabinets were painted white. We selected Sherwin-Williams Pure White. White cabinets not only help to lighten up this kitchen, but white cabinets are always a classic route to take. The cabinets doors were also refaced for a more updated look. The walls were painted Sherwin-Williams Modern Gray and add just the right amount of warmth to the space. This paint color was actually already on the walls before the remodel, but now the wall color relates so much better after all the changes made.

2) Replaced old, recessed lights with new LED daylight recessed lights.

3) Installed Under Cabinet Lighting. This one and #2 are huge! Good lighting is so important!! I never fail to be blown away by how updating and adding more artificial light makes all the difference in a kitchen. If there is only one change you can make to your kitchen - make it the lighting!

4) Replaced earth toned granite with a quartz that has a mostly white field. This quartz has beautiful subtle shimmering copper veining and it coordinated beautifully with the existing flooring.

5) Added a backsplash that has various shades of white in it. The varying shades add depth & interest to this classic subway tile and beautifully coordinated with the wall color and quartz countertop.

And in case you're wondering, here is a list of other changes made that don't necessarily contribute to lightening and brightening the space, but increase functionality and aesthetic value:

- installed a vented hood over the range and moved the microwave to another location in the upper cabinetry

- replaced the existing sink with a undermount workstation sink

- replaced the existing faucet with a high-arc pull faucet with pull-down sprayer

- installed new cabinet hardware

- installed screwless switch plate covers

That's all for now friends! Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like help creating a kitchen you will love for many years to come let's talk!


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